BlackBerry Database Viewer Plus Version 3.1

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BlackBerry Database Viewer Plus is software to view and update data in any database
on the Blackberry. You can use the BlackBerry Database Viewer Plus Desktop to send
and receive your data from Oracle, Microsoft Access, FoxPro, dBase, Excel, MySQL,
or any ODBC-compliant database to and from the BlackBerry device. Then use BlackBerry database viewer Plus to view it on the BlackBerry handheld. Create database
on BlackBerry and import it on the Desktop in comma-separated format. Support BlackBerry Bold and Storm.


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Supports Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Oracle, SQL Server, FoxPro, dBase, and any ODBC-Compliant Database.
View and update any database with BlackBerry.
Modify database contents on BlackBerry and reflect them in the database.
Make a phone call using the selected field's numeric contents
Apply Filters and sort the fields.
Apply SQL Select queries on database to fetch only the required data.
View database tables, either all at the same time or one record at a time.
Find/ Find again/Find replace option to search a record.
Perform Cut; Copy and Paste edit operations in Grid View using the shortcut keys.
Easy navigation through database in both Record and Grid view using key shortcuts.
Create databases on BlackBerry and import those on Desktop as .csv format.
Import Record or Field data to Memo pad.
Manage database in different categories.
Perform operations such as Sum, Average, Minimum, and Maximum on column with the numeric data.
Create different views on BlackBerry by applying Filter/ Sort/ Field Selection.
Support of standard databases such as CheckBook Info, Credit card etc.
Profile creation feature which save your time for selecting database for every sync.



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User Guide

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Product Description

View and update Microsoft Access, Excel, Oracle, FoxPro, dBase, or any ODBC compliant database on the BlackBerry. Add, modify, and delete data on BlackBerry. Make a phone call from your transferred database directly.

To keep your desktop and BlackBerry database synchronized, you can transfer desktop data to BlackBerry handheld using USB cable. It does not require any other syncing hardware or software.

Create new database profile using "New Profile..." wizard. Select type of profile either "Desktop To BlackBerry" or "BlackBerry To Desktop". During new profile wizard, select desktop database, tables, fields etc. DBViewerPlus will show you database content preview to be transferred on BlackBerry. Edit/modify, delete database profiles. User can restore desktop database contents from available backups.

"Desktop to BlackBerry" profile will allow you to transfer desktop contents to BlackBerry, whereas "BlackBerry to Desktop" profile will transfer BlackBerry contents in to desktop database.

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While creating a database profile, you can select a single table or multiple tables using build query dialog. You can apply filers, sort orders or simply you can directly enter any SQL select query to get records. Click on "Preview" button to preview of database contents.





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Once you create profile, Select the profile you want to synchronize, use menu "Profile->Synchronize" or "Sync" ToolBar button to perform the syncing according to Keep Sync option.





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When you open the BlackBerry Database Viewer Plus, either it will ready for importing database from desktop, or you will get a list of databases that have already transferred by the desktop side application using USB cable. Select the Open menu option to open and view the selected database contents. Use New menu to create a new Database. Select Design View menu option to know more about selected database like name of database, total number of records and fields in it. You can use Delete menu option to delete the selected database.



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You can view all records at once by selecting the Grid View or Open, depending on the default view setting menu option.



On BlackBerry device: BlackBerry OS 3.8 or higher
On PC: BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.0 and, Windows 98/ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP