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Pocket PC Contacts Synchronizer

What is Pocket PC Contacts Synchronizer ?

Synchronize any Desktop database like MS Access, MS Excel, Oracle,  MySQL or any ODBC Compliant databases with Pocket PC Contacts. Transfer any desktop database contents to Pocket PC contacts or vice varsa. One unique feature is that you can transfer data to specific category of Contacts such as Business, Personal etc.


  • Overwrite/Append any database to Pocket PC Contacts or vice versa.
  • Overwrite/Append any database to any specific category of PocketPC Contacts or vice versa.
  • Other Pocket PC categories data will be safe while syncing any database with the specific category.
  • Supported Databases: MS Access,MS Excel, MS FoxPro, Oracle, MS SQL Server, dBase, MySQL and Any ODBC Compliant Database.
  • Ms Excel is used to transfer from desktop to Pocket PC.
  • Keep desktop database synchronized with Pocket PC Contacts.
  • Transfer data from multiple tables.
  • Import Pocket PC Contacts data to desktop as a Comma Separated Values file (CSV file), even category based data can also be imported.
  • Apply any SQL Select queries on database to purify records.
  • Select data from multiple tables.

User Guide:

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Product Description:

Pocket Contact Synchronizer

Create new database profile using "New Profile..." wizard. Select Sync Type  either "Desktop Overwrite/Append Pocket PC" or "Pocket PC Overwirite/Append Desktop" or "Import Pocket PC Contacts data to desktop as a CSV file". During new profile wizard, select desktop database, tables, fields etc. Pocket PC Contacts Synchronizer will show database preview to be transferred on Pocket PC Contacts according to field mapping. User can restore desktop database.

"Desktop Overwrite/Append Pocket PC" profile will allow you to transfer desktop contents to Pocket PC Contacts, whereas "Pocket PC Overwrite/Append Desktop" profile will transfer Pocket PC Contacts contents in to desktop database.


Pocket Contact Synchronizer



While creating a database profile, you can select a single table or multiple tables. Click on "Filters" button to apply filters. You can map the custom database fields to PocketPC Contacts fields.

After sync according to this field mapping the data will be transfer to PocketPC Contacts or vice versa.

Pocket Contact Synchronizer

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Pocket PC 2002 or higher, Windows 95 or higher

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