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Database Viewer Plus for Palm OS
What is Database Viewer Plus?

View and Synchronize any desktop database on palm. Keep your any desktop database like MS Access, Excel, Oracle, SQL Server, Foxpro, MySQL or any ODBC compatible database synchronized with palm database. Transfer data from desktop database to palm and palm database to desktop.


  • Keep any actual desktop database(Oracle,SQL Server, Access, Excel, MySQL etc) & palm database synchronized.
  • View, Add, Remove, Modify Database records on palm.
  • View records all at a time or a record at a time.
  • Manage unlimited Database to synchronize with palm.
  • Apply filters, Sort Orders or apply any SQL Select query to get database contents.
  • Synchronize data at specific occassion - Date/Time.
  • Enable/Disable Database Synchronization at any time.
  • Backup & Restore your desktop database contents.
  • Search records on palm.
  • Exports records to memo pad on palm.
  • Customize display of date/time, numeric fields on palm.


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User Guide:

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Product Description:

Create new database profile using "New Profile..." wizard. Select type of profile either "Desktop To Handheld" or "Handheld To Desktop". During new profile wizard, select desktop database, tables, fields etc. DBViewerPlus will show you database content preview to be transferred on palm. Edit/modify, delete database profiles. User can restore desktop database contents from available backups.

"Desktop to Handheld" profile will allow you to transfer desktop contents to palm, whereas "Handheld to Desktop" profile will transfer palm contents in to desktop databse.

While creating a database profile, you can select a single table or multiple tables using build query dialog. You can apply filers, sort orders or simply you can directly enter any SQL select query to get records. Click on "Preview" button to preview of database contents.

When you visit palm side Database Viewer,You will get the list of table created by using desktop side.Tap on View button to view table contents.Tap on Details button to know more about selected table.It displays name of table,total number of fields and records in it.You can use Delete...option from Database menu to delete selected database as well.


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Palm OS 3.5 (BW/Color) or greater with 256KB RAM, Windows 95 or higher

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