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PocketBFL: A True Companion of Body-for-LIFE
What is PocketBFL?

Body-for-LIFE involve activities like planning your next day exercise and meal schedule, performing the schedule you planned, taking your body measurements, keeping track of your performance. It is as simple as it sounds. But when it comes to real world you need a companion, a friend who will guide you at every stage so that you can get most out of Body-for-LIFE. Think of some one telling you: "Hey Jone, Come on its your meal time" or some one in gym telling you: "Hey Jane, Your rest time is over. Come on and perform another set." or some one who simplify your planning activities or keep track of your body measurements. Then PocketBFL is the only tool you need.


  • Multi user: so your entire family can make use of it.
  • Exercise Calendar: so you can plan your upper body, lower body and aerobics exercises
  • Measurement Calendar: so you can manage your measurements and photographs
  • Food Calendar: so you can plan your daily food
  • Meal time reminder: so you can take meal on planned time
  • Copy, Paste and Clear Calendar Day: so you can easily replicate any plan or measurements.
  • In-Gym: so you won't bother, while workout, with the questions like: Which is my next exercise? or Is my rest time over?
  • Charts based on measurements: so you can visually understand your progress
  • Export Measurement to Text File: so you can use it on PC as well
Further, PocketBFL provides USDA food data. You can add as many foods from this database into your Pocket BFL meals as you want. This is external utility. You need to install it on your pocket pc, add foods using this utility and after completing food addition, uninstall this utility from your Pocket PC. Download Pocket BFL Food Utility by Clicking here

If you do not have ADOCE installed on your Pocket PC, Download ADOCE3.1 setup

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