Cellica Meter Reading Solution

Most of the meter monitoring agencies send an employee a meter reader to every home, office building, municipal building, industrial plant to read the meter reading of consumption.

The meter reader records the reading along with the meter picture in camera so the agency can bill the customer correctly.

The company needs to manually punch the readings in a central system using reading taken by meter reading staff and the meter photos.

Cellica's meter reading solution simplifies the task of meter reading and bill generation.Cellica Meter Reading Solution can be use for the monthly meter reading of GAS, Electric, Solar, Water Utilities.

The solution is capable of,

  • Calculating consumption bills

  • Calculating Arrears

  • To generate customer bill receipts

  • To generate Various Reports

Our Meter Reading Application consists of three parts

  • The organization can manage all the agencies appointed to handle the meter reading tasks.
  • Agency supervisor can create and assign the meter reading jobs for the particular area, all the consumers within the selected area are getting considered in this reading job.
  • Agency Supervisor can check reading statistics at any times, like
  • List of Consumers whom readings are taken, reading remaining.
  • List of Consumers has disconnection status, has House lock status
  • Agency Supervisor can check billing statistics at any time.
  • The supervisor can generate the billing of the reading job after validating the readings.
  • Meter Reader Users have credentials for login.
  • A user can view and update only the assigned reading job with all required consumers information
  • Meter readers can take the meter reading along with meter photo to verify the meter reading in the web application
  • While taking readings, a user can see the consumers previous billing information to understand the actual meter reading status.
  • Allow working in offline meter reading mode if internet connection is not available on android device.The readings can be uploaded later once the internet connection becomes available.
  • Consumption Reports.
  • Reading Job Statistics Report
  • Category wise Billed On Average Consumer List.
  • Reading Validation Reports.
  • Reading Error Report.
  • Duplicate Bill Option.
  • Route Management.