The Cellica Enterprise DBViewer Plus has allowed our group of Hospital Medicine physician to deliver individualized service from one large group of physicians to another Each PCP has over 40 preferences fields and 15 demographic fields resulting in a database with over 6000 cells. Without interrupting workflow, we can modify preferences and put up to date information in our doctors hands at the points of the case. The navigation option are intuitive, and the scrolling is very easy. Best products we have used in 10 years.

Richard M. Slataper MD
SFHM Medical Director,
Hospital Medicine Services at Our Lady of the Lake RMC

We are using the Wireless Database Viewer Plus for Work Order application. New Work Orders are entered on the desktop and on as selected few Blackberrys. Technicians update their assigned Word Orders on their blackberry form the field as they perform the work required. Only active and individually assigned work orders are displayed on each of the technician's blackberry. Once a work order is completed, and synchronized with the desktop, it will no longer show on the blackberry. This tool is very useful to the Technicians in the field as it reduces the time the technicians call or return to the office regarding work orders. We will soon be using this tool for time keeping and parts inventory.

I would recommend this product to any other Property Management Bussiness that have multiple staff using a Work Order program.

The quick response from Cellica to any questions and setup problems we hand were extremely prompt and helpful.

Dan Newell
Houston Properties, 25 - 33 Balmoral St., Winnipeg,
Manitoba, R3C 1X3

We use Cellica to send delivery orders to our drivers out in the field. Each day our drivers have their scheduled stops automatically uploaded to their tablets, and we are also able to send them any extra will call stops as needed. Our customers are now able to log in and track their deliveries in real time, and obtain proof of delivery immediately following the completion of the delivery. We have eliminated the need for paper invoices and having to go back and transfer the data to our computer system. We are also able to see where our drivers are at along their route in real time, as each time they edit a delivery order we are able to see the change.

It is hard to pick just one favorite feature of Cellica, as all of the features help to make our jobs so much easier. My favorite part would probably have to be the fact that it has allowed me to eliminate 4 to 6 hours of work each day, thus paying for itself many times over.

I would recommend this program to anyone who needs to wirelessly synchronize data. The program can be customized in so many different ways to meet many different needs, so it can be a useful tool for a very large market of users.

Amanda Wells
VP of Operations,
Advanced Radiographics, Inc

Great product, no problem. The system is up and running in a few days. I don't think that any other products that can do this. We use Cellica Database to send Work Orders to our field technicians. Our call center gets incoming customers request and the agents send the work orders to the zone technician. Our solution is Mobile multiplatform design and it is build with no code at all. It is very easy to implement and pleased with the almost round the clock support.

Josep Borrell,
Aplitec Informatica, SL

We have been using Cellica Database now for years. It's an integral part of our logistical planning and organisation. Rostering casual and subcontract staff can be a time consuming and error prone process. As a professional driver training organisation, with Cellica we can push out staff rosters in real time enabling us to communicate faster and more accurately with our trainers. It's simple and easy to use. Support is responsive and timely, which in important for real-time applications. Saves me 2-3 hours work a day! We would certainly recommend Cellica Database for any organisation that rosters staff or hires out facility resources.

Denis Dobie,
Executive Officer

We use Cellica Database for paperless form application internally, It is good for our users to capture patient's complicated and detailed medical information.

The favorite feature of Cellica Database is the synchronization part which did a good job between DB and iPad forms.

I would recommend for all who want to have paperless forms. Cellica Database is very simple to use and the respond time from sales and supports is very "SHORT".

Kwong Wah Hospital, Hong Kong

We use Cellica Database Anywhere Enterprise Edition for purchase order tracking and processing, Time sheet entry, review, approval, tracking inventory and invoicing/billing. The synchronization feature is extremely useful as most employees work several hours away from the main office. The sync feature prevents duplicate work and helps the organization run more efficiently.

Our favorite feature is the On-demand synchronization when internet exists and the ability to input data with no internet connection. The addition of macros is extremely useful.

The product can be customized and used in many different ways. The instant synchronization makes it unique. Any company with field employees should utilize this product.

The product has continued to improve. The application itself is very easy to use and works very well. I believe the product has a lot of potential and there isn't any direct competition.

SFHM Medical Director,
Management Consulting Services

GAR Products is a contract furniture manufacturer based in NJ. Two years ago we decided to invest in a data collection solution that would allow all of our production employees to report their order related activities. Our goal was to better understand our labor costs and product flow through manufacturing. While there are many data collection solutions on the market, we were looking for a flexible, low cost solution we could use to run a proof of concept.

We developed a custom database using MS Access and used inexpensive iPad (version 1) for data collection, over Wi-Fi. As with many new software implementations, there were some challenges in the beginning, but Cellica’s team was responsive and very helpful in troubleshooting our project.

Since our launch we have rolled out the solution to 50 users and collected over 200,000 transactions. The data has proven invaluable. We moved beyond a proof of concepts, but chose to continuing using Cellica, because we couldn’t justify the higher costs associated with other solutions, compared to Cellica. We now use the data for employee performance reviews, process engineering reviews, product pricing analysis and much more. We have also migrated away from MS Access to a MS SQL database and plan on integrating the database with a new capacity planning software solution.

If you have developers on staff for the initial design and you need a solution with a small footprint that is low cost and low maintenance, I’d strongly recommend evaluating Cellica!

Fred Durand
Chief Operating Officer
GAR Products

We liked the Cellica DB Anywhere very much due to its faster synchronisation and support to design the forms on fly. Support from Cellica team to add new features is exceptionally good.

Anupam Narkhede
Program Head,
eGovernance Business Development Program
Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd.

As a developer of business applications, we have used Cellica DB Anywhere to bring information to the mobile user of our systems. While Cellica's functionality can work for many challenges, it is a perfect fit when the mobile user may not or cannot always be connected to the cloud. Since the Cellica feature set is based on the idea of syncing data to the device from an ODBC data source, the mobile user can travel to areas where there may be no connectivity - whether that be in their own back yards or clear across the world where connectivity in some areas may be sparse. The SYNC feature can be employed when a user is connected to the cloud to synchronize the databases, as this allows the mobile user to have information with them at all times wherever they may be, whether the mobile user is connected to the cloud at a given point of time or not.

Cellica's support is outstanding - they are always there when I have a question on anything. Additionally, Cellica's support keeps us posted on updates and new features of the platform.

Tom Copeland
Copeland Data Systems, Inc.
550 Fillmore Avenue
Tonawanda, New York 14150