BlackBerry Database Viewer : FAQ



I am having problem installing BlackBerry component of Database Viewer software. I have downloaded the for installation. After that, I've run the Application Loader
of BlackBerry Desktop Manager. But BBDBViewer will not install on the BlackBerry device.
What should I do to install it?

First of all, unzip the downloaded zip file at the suitable location on local hard disk. Now,
run the Desktop Manager (note that, it should be BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.0), and
follow the on-screen instructions. Specify the path at which you have already unzipped the downloaded zip file, as the response to the Add... button. Select the dbviewer.alx file. Once again follow the rest of the on-screen instructions.


Is evaluation copy is full flesh version? Are any feature disable in evaluation?
What are limitations in evalution version?

Evaluation copy is full flesh version. Evaluation period is unlimited. Only limitation is that, you are allowed to access/view five records only for each database.


I put in the registration key to the BlackBerry Database Viewer application and it says invalid registration key.

We generate the registration key based on your "Device ID ( i.e. PIN)". It is case sensitive. The Register dialog appears each time application starts, if you are unregistered user. You can even invoke the same Register dialog by selecting the Register menu option from the home screen of Database Viewer application.

 On BlackBerry handheld, you can register Database Viewer at any time by entering the registration key that you have got & just press the Enter key.


I have tried to transfer the desktop data to my BlackBerry handheld, but nothing is happening, what to do?

If you are not having BlackBerry OS 4.0 installed on your device, then it does not show you the status bar at the bottom of the screen. This status bar actually shows the progress of "data-transfer" process. So, we recommand you to install BlackBerry OS 4.0 on your handheld to get the best effect of BlackBerry Database Viewer. You have to wait until it shows you the proper message on both of the device & desktop applications.


I have tried to transfer the desktop data to my BlackBerry handheld, but after some time the BlackBerry Database Viewer application closed down, what's wrong with it?

This situation is occured when you don't have enough free space available on your deivce. Under such situation, the device shuts down itself. Nothing is wrong at all. At the same time,
the proper error message will be displayed on the desktop application, which describes the situation. Make some space available n your BlackBerry device by either delting the old databases from this application, or delete the old e-mails, entries of MemoPad etc.
And, rerun the both the applications & do the same procedure again.


I have entered the data in any of the Find dialog, Goto dialog, or Register dialog & then clicked the trackwheel, however the entered data is not accepted?

Just press the Enter key. And, it will work fine.


I could not see the entire contents of the selected field. What can I do?

In Grid View, you can change the Column Width, by changing the Grid Column Width option in Preferences, so as to see more contents of the selected field. However, in order to view the entire contents for the selected field, you can select the Detail View menu option from either Record View or Grid View screen.



I have tried to transfer the desktop data to my BlackBerry handheld, but nothing is happening, what to do?

You have to wait until all the contents of the selected database will be transferred to your BlackBerry device. If any problem occured during this process, then proper error message will be displayed. Else, the message indicating the success of data tranfer, will be shown.