BlackBerry Database Viewer Plus : FAQ



How can I install Database Viewer Plus software on BlackBerry wirelessly.

Use following link in Browser of your BlackBerry and download two applications "dbviewerplus" and "AutoMailHandler" according to OS of your BlackBerry. There are separate links for BlackBerry OS 4.2 and 3.8. For BlackBerry Pearl/ Curve/Bold/Storm, download software mentioned under option BlackBerry OS 4.2 OR Above (Pearl/ Curve/ Bold/ Storm)



Is evaluation copy is full flesh version? 
What are limitations in evaluation version?

Evaluation version work with all features of this software. Only limitation is that, you can use it with complete database for one day, later software allows to access/view 7 records only for each database.


I am trying registration key in registration form of Database Viewer Plus application on BlackBerry and it giving invalid registration key error message.

Registration code is depend on PIN of BlackBerry, so please send us exact PIN of your BlackBerry.  You can get PIN on the registration form of DBViewer Plus software on BlackBerry.
Register the software by using the Register menu from the home screen of Database Viewer Plus application on BlackBerry.


I have entered the data in any of the Find dialog, Goto dialog, or Register dialog and then clicked the track wheel, however the entered data is not accepted?

Just press the Enter key. And, it will work fine.


I could not see the entire contents of the selected field. What can I do?

In Grid View, you can change the Column Width, by changing the Grid Column Width option in Preferences, so as to see more contents of the selected field. However, in order to view the entire contents for the selected field, you can select the Detail View menu option from either Record View or Grid View screen.