PocketBFL: A True Companion of Body-for-LIFE

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Body-for-LIFE involve activities like planning your next day exercise and meal
schedule, performing the schedule you planned, taking your body measurements, keeping track of your performance. It is as simple as it sounds.
However, when it comes to real world you need a companion, a friend who will
guide you at every stage so that you can get most out of Body-for-LIFE program.
Think of some one reminding you: "Hey John, Come on its your meal time" or
some one in the gym telling you: "Hey Jane, your rest time is over. It is time for
another set.� On the other hand, you may be looking for a way to simplify your
exercise and meal planning, or keep track of your body measurements.
In all these cases, PocketBFL is the only tool you will need.


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Exercise Planner with rest period alarms
Meal Planner with alarms on Pocket PC and PC
Photo Album for body measurements
Graphical view for measurements
Body Fat Percentage, Body Mass Index, Waist-to-Hip ratio calculations
Support for up to five users, so that you can track progress of your family
members or friends
Auto plan-forwarding to next exercise day
Sorted list of exercises and meals
Body-for-Life like reports on the desktop
Add multiple foods in the meal interval

Product Description

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With Measurement form, you can keep track of your body measurements. You can also view your image on Pocket PC with your measurement selected on the PC.

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"In Gym" form is very useful when you are working out. This form provides information like � about your planned exercises, the current set, and many other things. It has rest period alarm facility that can be operated with device�s hardware buttons also. PocketBFL also provide graphical progress indicators.


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Daily Meal form helps to manage meal taken everyday. It also has place for information like Proteins, Carbohydrates, Calories, and Fats. PocketBFL also provides meal time alarm.


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With PocketBFL Home screen, you can jump on any Daily Activity form, like Daily Exercise, Daily Meal, Measurements, or Start Exercise dorm. You can jump on Exercise, Meal & Supplement, Users & Goals, or Weights Setup form.



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Generate reports, at desktop end, similar to original reports of Body-for-LIFE. We also provided features like - Photo Album that are not present in the Body for LIFE book but our customers have found very helpful.


Pocket PC 2002,2003 and Windows Mobile 5, Windows 95 or higher with Internet Explorer 5.0 or above.