At Cellica, "commitment to 100% customer satisfaction" means that every customer must be able to quickly and reliably implement a complete mobile & web enabled Enterprise wide solution that meet their business requirements.

A number of key components of such complete solutions are usually already available, been developed by other companies around the globe. Our team is ready, able, and committed to making our customers successful and has, since its inception, made a strong commitment to world class collaborating with such companies.

As a mobile enabled enterprise solution provider company, we plan to collaborate with companies to deliver highly effective solutions to our customers.

Effective collaborating is critical to our success. We realize that having good, leading products is only the beginning of a successful partnership.

In addition, we believe that a Partner Program must be flexible to accommodate our partner's diverse needs and to which we stand committed.

Our Partner Program offers our partners more than just access to our marketing collaterals and licenses. We have built it to meet your business model and to match your core competence.

To bring more value to our customers we actively seek to form strategic alliances with other businesses:

1. Resellers

If you would like to take a more active role in reselling our products (and earn a higher commission), and/or if would like to install our software on your client's computers systems, you should consider becoming a Cellica Software reseller/OEM. We are very committed to our resellers and OEMs for the sale and support of our products. We offer competitive commissions/discounts and provide priority assistance. If you would like to become a Cellica Software reseller/OEM, please send us an e-mail at with the attached Reseller Application Form filled.

2. Software Services Companies

Cellica's extensive code library and standard development process helps us innovate and create high levels of reliability in our software solutions. While you focus on your core business process, Cellica Software Technologies strengthens your service.

Cellica Software Services offers:

  • Cutting-edge technology solutions
  • Turnkey business solutions
  • A vast pool of skills set under varied domains

As a Cellica Software Technologies Partner, you can avail the following benefits:

  • Higher Customer Productivity and Return On Investment
  • Limited Costs
  • Leverage our high quality IT workforce
  • Enhance your market competitiveness by focusing on your core business functions
  • Quality Solutions developed by following standard processes

Cellica looks forward to partnering with companies who are leaders in their market landscape. Partnering with Cellica, you will improve your service quality and retain a higher standard of customer service satisfaction.

We invite partnerships from companies that complement our cutting-edge technology services and turnkey business solutions. We invite you to experience the significance of mutually exploring the potential and knowledge of each business to offer supplementary market value through flourishing strategic partnerships

For more information please contact us at