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Cellica Corporation is a specialty mobile solutions provider headquartered in U.S. With expertise across all the major mobile platforms, Cellica Corporation has its flagship product Cellica Database for iPhone/iPod touch, iPad, Android. Available in both, consumer and enterprise segments, Cellica Database helps individuals and companies to mobilize data efficiently and easily.

In a short span of time, we have the satisfaction of being one of the leading names in enterprise-level app development space with complete authority in integrating people, processes and products with customized, avant-garde and cost-effective mobility solutions. Our strong technical competency, well-defined methodology and a dedicated team of mobile consultants has helped us provide mobile solutions that offer critical business benefits, aid transformation, accelerate innovation and bring competitive edge to our clients. Perfect understanding of the mobile technology, well-complimented by rich experience across all the major enterprise verticals and the capability to deliver end-to-end business solutions, makes Cellica Corporation the mobile Solutions provider of choice across industries.

Just as the Internet considerably transformed the wired communications market over the past few years and thus forever changed wireless communications. It fundamentally changed the way you do business. Wireless solutions can improve the effectiveness of your mobile users -- whether its your salesforce in the field or your customers by:

  • Making available your enterprise data to your mobile users
  • Integrating your mobile users with your business workflow
  • Delivering the information needed at the fingertip for better decisions


Cellica Database software is available on Android devices, including smartphones and tablets.


Cellica Database software is available on iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads. The software can be downloaded and installed App store.


Cellica Database desktop component is available for Windows. Download and install the desktop software from Cellica's website.

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Cellica is focused on helping you to take on that challenge and succeeding with mobile solutions. Cellica offers m-commerce discovery, strategy, and m-commerce roadmap definition services to organizations. Combined with the technology and development capabilities of Cellica's Internet Consulting Practice (CICP), the consulting group leads organizations through identifying, designing and implementing digital business and m-commerce strategies and solutions.

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